Infector 0.4   2009-10-06 00:00:00

New release time! An end game logic bug has been fixed, which could result in the wrong player being classed as "winning" if there were still empty squares left when the game ended. Thanks to Jan Engelhardt for reporting it.

The game is classed as having ended if only one player can still move. However, if there are still empty squares on the board when this happens, they are not - in previous versions - added to the last player's score, even though they would capture them all if the game was allowed to continue. The difference these empty squares make to a player's score can mean the difference between the last player winning or losing. In version 0.4, this is fixed by automatically awarding any empty squares to the last player when the game ends.

Other changes include migrating from libglade to GtkBuilder, remembering to credit Petr Pisar for his contributed translations, and fixing a small responsiveness issue at the end of a network game.


An updated Windows installer will be prepared when I get round to it.


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